Soul retrieval

When we experience an emotional shock, a part of us can dissociate, taking with it some of the emotional charge of the experience. In shamanism, this is called soul fragmentation. It's a protective mechanism when what we're experiencing overwhelms us. As a child, we are extremely sensitive and it's very common for these soul fragmentations to happen, creating soul wounds: abanbondment, rejection, injustice, betrayal, humiliation.

When this happen, the part that dissociate from us remains stuck in that space and time and healing is not possible if we don't retrieve these fragments.

Over time we may experience the following symptoms: fatigue, depression, loss of meaning, repetitive patterns, anxiety, strong emotional reactions, feeling not fully present in one's body, impossibility to move on, ...

I will be offering soul retrieval sessions starting this summer to help you reintegrate these parts of yourself, to close old chapters, break free from repetitive patterns, and free yourself from heavy emotions.

This process is very gentle, we don't trigger the original emotions. That's the beauty of this soul retrieval healing; there's no need to re-experience the event or delve back into it mentally or emotionally.

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