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Tortuya - Light codes art

Tortuya - Light codes art

To return to a neutral state, to learn to let oneself be carried, to welcome what life invites us to live and experience gently, without all the mental projections that can intervene. To welcome without activating fears, to anchor even more a state of love and inner peace. To be at the heart of the divine flow and the flow of life, to let it circulate within oneself and around oneself, without unconsciously blocking it. To reconnect to the standards of abundance, to divine standards. To reconnect to one's divine self, and to allow oneself to return to take one's place in a centered, unified state, of welcoming abundance in all its forms
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Each creation is encoded with energies that I channel for the collective. If you feel called by a design, it means that you are resonating with this energy, follow your inner guidance!

When you make a purchase, I custom light encode the canvas for you. This means that in addition to the initial design encoding, I connect with you and I channel the energies and frequencies you specifically need. I do that in cocreation with my allies in multidimension and your guides.

The encoding is made on several "layers" and you will connect with different frequencies, vibrations and codes with time and depending on your journey. It's not just wall art that you give yourself, it's a daily vibrational support that will last and evolve with you.

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Canvas: Print on high quality canvas with back hanging. Rubber dots on the bottom to ensure the canvas stays in place when hung. Materials: cotton and polyester composite (canvas), pine wood (frame 0.75") from FSC certified renewable forests.

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