Chères âmes des étoiles, il est temps ✨

Dear souls from the stars, it's time ✨

There is a feeling of well-being and safety in our comfort zones. Especially for us sensitive souls, we create little shells to protect ourselves, and we don't realize that this feeling of comfort and protection is an illusion.

Whether it's on a physical level...

To give you an example, I used to be very sensitive to the cold a few years ago, so I would enjoy the comfort of my heated living space, my heated car, my heated office, heated stores, but if for some reason I found myself in an unheated place or outside, it was a disaster.

Then I discovered cold therapy, and by taking very gradual but regular cold showers, up to swimming in rivers in winter, I developed a great resistance to the cold and I am no longer sensitive to it.

...or on a mental level

We often hear about it, the comfort of a job that we no longer love but that brings us stability and financial security, and all the reasons that our mind gives us to stay there.

If we really dig deep, we realize that our comfort zones are just illusions created by our brain to prevent us from taking risks.

Our visceral fear of the unknown and of a potential risk, which most of the time exists only in our imagination, locks us into a comfort zone...

An uncomfortable comfort zone.

Isn't it a beautiful paradox?
We want so much to escape discomfort that we find ourselves in a discomfort that is "acceptable", but constant.

Dear star souls, it's time.
It's time to come out of our shells. We are not too sensitive, too this or too that. We are sensitive, this and that.

We are gathering more and more, we are meeting, finding each other, reuniting.

It's time to stop making excuses.
In these gatherings of souls lies great strength. We inspire and support each other. Others cannot take the leap for us; that is something only we can do for ourselves, but they are here to support us with their kindness, inspire us, and catch us if the leap makes us falter.

It's time.
Let's accept intense temporary discomfort to break free from long-term latent discomfort.

We have suffered for a long time feeling like aliens and inadequate in this world, but it's our time now. Can't you see how many of us there are? If we stop hiding...

Let's come out of our shells, heal each other, and establish in this world a reality that is familiar to us and brings us joy and peace.

Paradise on Earth.
Our Paradise on Earth.


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