Welcome in my world

I invite you to discover my arts:

~ light codes art, beyond mere decoration, a custom daily energetic support

~ multidimensional healings, in an unconventional format

Feel free to contact me for any question.
I wish you a nice journey in my universe!

- Maude Maé


Healing sessions

Group immersion

Join a high-frequency vibrational space during a multi-day online immersion. You will have the support of wonderful allied spirits 24/7, and I will guide you through a multidimensional meditation of about 45-50 minutes to receive deep, custom healings, all in a gentle way.

One-to-one healing session (available soon)

I will be offering soul retrieval sessions starting this summer to help you get back and reintegrate the parts of yourself that you have lost during difficult events, to free yourself from heavy emotions, close old chapters, break free from repetitive patterns, very gently.

Light codes art

Discover my creations encoded with high frequencies and specific vibrations. Light codes art is more than just a decorative element you have at home. You bathe daily in the vibrations of the creation, which bring you energetic support and activation keys depending on the encoding. I offer 3 different types of light codes creations according to your needs/desires.

Custom light codes canvasses

A light codes canvas with the visual of your choice, custom-encoded according to your energies and what you aspire to

The light codes canvasses

Glyphs of Ava'ya

Creations encoded with high frequencies and available on canvas or poster

The glyphs of Ava'ya


A channeled creation to discover a part of yourself, an archetype, or whatever presents itself for you, encoded with light codes and activation keys to connect you to it


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