My immersions: Several days of multidimensionnal healings

The immersions I offer are high-frequency vibrational spaces that last several days and in which you will receive multidimensional healings specific to each immersion.

Beautiful spirit allies will work with me during a guided multidimensional navigation that I will lead and that you will be able to redo as many times as you wish, to work on deeper layers. The spirit allies will also be present around you 24/7 during the immersion to support you and help you integrate and process the healings from the navigation. I will share content throughout the immersion depending on what shows up for the group, it can be messages or practices offered by spirit allies for further healings.

They are vibrational cocoons that work deeply and gently on specific directions and on all levels of your being.

[Guided navigation are recorded in French, I can send a transcript in English]

Why do healings in immersion?

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