Fondations de joie ✨

Foundations of joy ✨

The vibration of dolphins for my next immersion took me by surprise; I suddenly had a big smile, impossible to wipe off, and I was enveloped by their frequencies of joy and amusement. It was incredibly refreshing!

Stumbling upon the theme of joy between yesterday and today, I feel compelled to ask: where is the joy in your life, dear souls?

Joy can be found in places where we wouldn't expect it. Or rather, where we've stopped being able to imagine it.

I sense that for many, as for myself, there can be a lot of obligations and heaviness, and joy struggles to seep in as a foundation amidst all that.

Just an invitation.
An invitation to connect with the vibration of joy today when you're doing something mundane.

Put on some music, shake yourself up, jump around a bit to boost yourself, and sing, dance, shake up the routine!

Have fun!

Make room for your inner child. Become a child again, even if just for a moment.

Take a piece of paper and paint, draw, anything, without telling yourself it won't be beautiful, without saying you can't do it, even if it's just creating a big pile of intertwined colors. Just let yourself be carried away by an impulse, a creative madness.

Let it go; there's a part of us that can drive this movement and is waiting for it. Let it take over, let yourself go.

Let life flow through you.

Bring movement back into parts of ourselves that were a bit frozen.

Does it feel a bit tense? That's okay, gently bring along those resistant parts of yourselves. Is it a bit strange? Accept feeling a little discomfort and simply decide to explore, to discover what might be behind that little feeling of strangeness.

A pinch of courage, a gallon of joy, 3 tons of freely flowing creativity, and sprinkle in a little madness!

What's the cake of your life like today?

Sending you lots of love ❤️

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