De cartésienne à… ma (re)naissance spirituelle

From closed mind to spirituality

Going back to the beginning to explain how I have been brought to spirituality and energetic work, me who was a science person and didn't believe in "all that shit".

In 2017 I went to live with my mother in a tiny town because of serious health issues and a lot of persons I met there would tell me to go see the healer of the village. I would listened to their stories, the little miracles of pain or allergies disappearing thanks to this lady. I would listened but clearly it was not for me, no way I would go see her.

I went about with all my medical appointments in vain and two months later, weary of the "So did you go? Oh but you should go!" I thought I would go, it would surely not fix my health issues but at least people would leave me alone with that.

When the woman asked me why I had come, I told her I had a pain in my stomach, well yeah, I was not about to tell her all my issues, let's just see if she's real, and whatever, I don't believe it anyway.

She put her hands on my shoulders and wow, I felt a current of energy running through me, from the shoulders to the feet, and she started to tell me "there's tension here, it's pulling the tissues here, there's a knot here, here there's that, you should have that, that and that as symptoms". She listed everything, no more, no less, and on top of that, I felt energy running through me.

It took me 3 days to process it, to think about it from all angles, it was like my brain had to entirely recalibrate my sense of reality and all its neural connexions. She told me exactly what exam to ask from a specialist and it was positive. It was unbelievable. A longer journey was waiting for me regarding my health mais this encounter shattered my beliefs and opened me up to a all new reality.

I remembered that when I was little I had strange feelings and when I tried to talk about it to a friend that I knew briefly, I realized quickly that it was better to keep all of that for me!

I have always been very sensitive to people's emotions and energies but it was like this woman had reconnected me to what I tried to close when I was little. Since that day, my abilities kept slowly opening and becoming more refined.

There has been a lot of things that went from "I don't believe that at all" to "this, yes" and I'm curious and amused to think about which will be the next theme to do that for me 😊

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