Il est temps de prendre sa place ✨

It's time to take our place ✨

We are programmed as social beings with the vital importance of being part of a tribe, a community. This programming isn't acquired through education; it's innate, programmed into our cells and our DNA: alone, we do not survive. In the past, facing cold or wild animals, being ejected from the tribe meant death. While this is no longer the case today, the program remains ingrained in our being.

Fascinating studies have been conducted on this subject. Participants were placed in a group and each had to indicate which line out of 4 was the longest. There was no room for error; the difference was clear. However, when the entire group systematically gave the same wrong answer, the participant under study would eventually change their response after a certain number of times to match the group's answer. And they would stick to it.

It may seem surreal, but it's our instinct; to belong to the group, we deny our truth.

Our need for security takes precedence.

And how does this translate when combined with social, societal, familial, and religious conditioning? How many things do we do out of obligation? Obligations we impose on ourselves but which originate from outside.

There are things that seem impossible, insurmountable.
Resigning to pursue what makes me passionate? No, you don't understand, ... and there the mind has an endless list of reasons. That's its job: to protect us. And it's damn good at its job!

And where do we fit into all of this?
Our true selves?

The world needs people who vibrate, who are passionate, who are happy. More than ever.

Yes, there can be what looks like an insurmountable wall of fears and resistances, but there's no need to force ourselves and upheave everything. Taking our place can be done gently. Small actions here and there, and we look, we see that we're not dead.

One step at a time, little by little, we let go of the conditioning and do what makes us vibrate. We take our place. We decide. We choose ourselves. Gently, but firmly.

Each action that comes from within and is centered radiates and opens doors. Its echo can be wonderful.

We are unique.
No one else can be us and we cannot be anyone else.

Let's be ourselves.

And above all, let's welcome others to be themselves 🙏
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