On y va, on se lance ! ✨

Let's go, let's take the plunge! ✨

I had two beautiful exchanges via messages yesterday regarding what I share, and I realize that we easily tend to censor ourselves with all the reasons our minds can come up with. Not long ago, I was thinking that many people already share very beautiful things, and better than what I could do.

Then one day, the call of the heart was stronger; I had appeased the parts of me that were afraid, afraid of ridicule, afraid of humiliation, afraid of rejection, afraid of many things. I felt ready to share freely, little by little.

When I see the feedback I get, I think damn, we all greatly need to share and connect, why do we self-censor?

The visual of this publication is a creation I made with the Revelation offer, for a beautiful soul who won my giveaway for the 100 Facebook followers. She shared something similar: she wanted to offer something, she wasn't too sure about it, and in fact, people love it!

I want to tell you: GO FOR IT

You have something on your mind?
Something calling you?
Something you really want to do or say?


Your mind will give you a thousand reasons not to do it, don't listen to it, focus on your heart.

We are all so focused on our own daily life that we quickly move on no matter what happens, so go for it ❤️

We can feel it, we need to open up EVEN MORE, to share authentically EVEN MORE, to connect with each other, to open our hearts. Our souls are calling for it, our hearts dream of it.

It's up to us to create the reality and the dynamics in which we want to live because when we start to open up, we will touch and connect with souls that vibrate like us. Yes, some will not be sensitive to that at all, but so be it, all the better, it allows us to sort and surround ourselves with souls that resemble us.

I am super grateful for the people who interact with my posts, and I want to say to those who share them on their feed, thank you so much! And if you feel the call, don't censor yourself, add your feelings to your sharing, your experience, what you think about it, etc... We all have a different vibration and experience, and it nourishes us all.

Let's weave together 🙏✨

Yes, we can go slowly, we can timidly stick out just one ear and one eye from the burrow, slowly take the temperature, see how it goes, and little by little come out even more. It's okay, we can do it respectingly of the parts of us that are afraid and on our own pace, but let's go 😊

Look at the image and feel its energy, its vibrations, it is encoded to help you take that step that calls you but that you deny, that you deny yourself.

Feel free to come back to it; things pass through the text and the image.

With all my gratitude and love


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