Entités négatives, démons, esprits maléfiques, … ✨

Negative entities, demons, malevolent spirits, ... ✨

Oh boy, the scary subject!

We've been greatly assisted by movies in embedding a visceral fear of "dark presences" in our collective unconscious.

There are many allied spirits and presences to support us, and we know that everything is polarity and balance reigns. So, we can easily think that there are also many presences that wish us harm.

Should we be afraid?

Would you say a cat is a demon?
We wouldn't, but if we could ask a mouse, it would probably say it's the worst monster that could exist..!

I couldn't help but feel my heart tighten when I saw a cat sadistically playing with a mouse. Let's face it, cats are masters in the art of playing with their food! But that didn't stop me from cuddling that beautiful cat later on.

We can't blame a cat for being what it is.

If there are beings in other dimensions that feed on our negative emotions, that's just what they are.

You need to breathe air to survive, they need to feed on emotions and life energy. That's just what it is. We're a species that raises living beings to kill and eat them. It would be quite the irony to judge another "species" for trying to feed themselves too.

So yes, it's not very fun to experience unpleasant things, but there could be a thousand reasons for our soul to choose those experiences. There's no fatality or victim position.

When I started opening up to multidimensionality, of course I had moments of fear. I wondered what I would find while navigating other dimensions.

I just want to offer you a change of perspective.
Take a step back, leave your human condition behind, and look at things from a neutral state.

We've taken the shortcomings of our society and brought them into a "modern spirituality" that ultimately separates us from ourselves and our light, leading us into a world of manipulation through fear, conditioning, and consumption through targeted marketing. Does that remind you of anything?

How can we want to leave one system to jump feet first into another system that's quite similar?

Dear friends,
Protect yourselves!
Buy stones, incense, do this ritual with this and that, saying this and that!

What a wonderful way to nurture fear by instilling in you the need to protect yourselves, all the while cutting you off from yourselves with "have to".

New irony, what better way to act from fear to attract beings that feed on fear?

And what if we let go of all that?
If you want to do protection rituals, do them, but do them from your heart, follow YOUR desires, YOUR intuitions, do things as you feel, as it calls you. You.

This way you'll radiate your light, you'll connect with your heart. And our dear friends from the dark side will move on because "oh no, damn, there's nothing to feed on here anymore!"

I don't judge, I've also been fully in with the modern Western spirituality, I've done rituals that spoke to me, I've worn a labradorite to protect myself, feeling uneasy if I forgot it, thinking I'd be polluted. Once again, what better way to get polluted than to think you're going to get polluted?

Hot/cold, hard/soft, feminine/masculine, shadow/light, good/evil, ...
Just spectrums that are never completely one or the other end.

There's no fear or anger to nurture towards the "forces of evil".
Unless you want to support them 😉

Also, don't nurture fear towards your own inner shadows, but that's another topic 😊

You are powerful, creators, be yourself, nurture love in your hearts, play, laugh, and you'll bathe in light!


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