Il n'y a qu'une seule personne dans votre monde ✨

Only one lives in your world ✨

Yesterday, a beautiful soul sent me the quote 'only one lives in your world'.

This is my Sherlock if you've read my previous sharing; we love to share and explore our ways of functioning, our thoughts, our unconsciousness, to undo conditioning, plant seeds of light and love in contracted spaces, offer awareness of our respective experiences that echo one another. This soul is a gift from heaven 🤍

And reading this quote, I thought wow, how to summarize in a few words a concept that is dear to me and for which I would need lines and lines to share!

Yes, in our world, our reality, we are the only one living. What does that mean for me?

And no, it's not the Truman Show! 😄

Our soul already carries a story when we arrive on Earth, and added to that is a myriad of experiences, upbringing, environmental influences, our surroundings, and everything we will experience or not experience throughout our lives.

All of this shapes our character, our feelings, our opinions, our reflexes, our 'system configurations.'

This weaving of soul/human experience conditions how we perceive the world and others.

No one else on Earth has the exact same configurations as us. Our thought system is unique. Some come close, we understand each other easily, and others are very, very distant, and here comes total incomprehension.

It changed my life to become aware of this, and now there are two fundamental things for me that I would like to share with you.

🌸 Let's communicate!

To understand each other when we have two different systems, we need to translate what the other says. There can be a lot of misunderstandings in this process, which can lead to division, judgment, resentment, and rupture.

When I worked in Human Resources, I loved to say "if you want to say the same thing to 10 people, you have to say it in 10 different ways".

When something triggers us, saying "wait, what you're saying echoes this for me, so it's not easy to hear" rather than "you're talking nonsense, you're an ass" is always a better way to achieve peaceful coexistence. And yes, I know, the other person needs to be in the same dynamic, otherwise indeed, silence will be the best weapon.

A good teaching for me was someone in my close circle, with their art of speaking very bluntly and without context. Before, certain sentences could make me hopping mad, but now I know how they operates, I've adjusted the automatic translator between us, I know how to listen behind the words.

I'm sure we all still have people around us with whom we need to update the automatic translator, right?

🌸 Let's not judge!

This one is trickier because it's a reflex, we judge automatically, sometimes without being aware of it. And that's normal, let's not judge ourselves for having judged! 😊

But we've all had the experience of judging someone for something, then talking to the person and eventually understanding them, and the judgment disappears. It can even turn into compassion.

I was listening to a podcast by Georges Janko a few days ago, and he was talking about people who judge and criticize others who may have done something negative, "he could have done this, he should have done that, honestly I don't understand". He had a reflection that I really liked:

Instead of judging, be grateful for not knowing what could push someone to do something like that (or not being able to do something). And be wary, life can make you experience this in no time if you really want to understand.

It's easy not to understand the other, to be offended by it, but it's much more enriching and soothing to open a dialogue and above all, to open your mind to understanding it.


We are all connected to each other, let's try to move towards living together?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, whether you agree or disagree with what I'm saying. The more we share, the more we open our minds to other system configurations, the better we understand each other, the better we live.

Let's weave 🤍
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