Le pouvoir du choix ✨

The power of choice ✨

This morning I went out for a walk in the park of my residence after it had rained. And there, lying on the wet grass, I stumbled upon a pair of clear glasses!

Like an invitation from life, a wink, an introduction to choice, a proposal to become aware.

How do you choose to see and experience life?

Oh well, I'll take that! And that's how I want to see life!

Yes, we have fears, doubts, conditioning, parts of ourselves pulling in one direction or another, because of this, because of that.

Today is an invitation to take these parts under your arm, tell them yes okay, I know, but come along anyway. I want to go this way and I know the stories you tell me, I've heard you, I understand you, but I'm going to show you that something else is possible. Trust me.

Today, I am the one steering, and today I decide.

There is peace and sorrow everywhere. Beauty and hardship. Love and hate. Joy and anger. Expansion and contraction.

It's the human experience, one polarity doesn't exist without the other.

But we can decide.
We can decide to accept what contracts us, what saddens us, what scares us. We can decide to let it exist and to welcome with wide-open hearts the beautiful, the peaceful, the magical, the incredible.

And we might be surprised to find much more than it may seem. Even with abandoned glasses, we can have a blast 😊

So, I put on my colorful glasses full of vibrant life, and I invite you to join me in choosing to live more love and joy, if you so desire.

If you so decide ❤️

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