Les âmes des étoiles ✨

The souls from the stars ✨

I want to talk about those souls of which I am a part of, who arrived on Earth with a strange feeling, a feeling of not belonging, of being a stranger, everywhere, all the time.

An unexplained and inexplicable longing for elsewhere.
A deep desire to go home, without being able to understand or find the meaning of this feeling.

I sometimes said jokingly that I was an alien, to try to describe the feeling I had inside. But yes, ultimately, I am an extraterrestrial. We are thousands of extraterrestrials on Earth.

I send a thought of love to all those souls who came from other stars to live here and support this deep and major transition happening on Earth right now.

These souls who feel they don't have their place in society, in conventions, in the common way of functioning and living.

These "too much" souls.
Too sensitive, too emotional, too out of sync, etc. These souls who feel too much.
These souls who perceive things that others do not perceive and who hide and try to deny what they are to find a place. A place that is not their place but fits into one of the current acceptable boxes.

These souls who can be torn between being in tune with their inner selves and out of sync with the outside world, or being in tune with the outside world and out of sync with themselves. I've lived that. I've known that tearing apart.

Dear souls,
I see you.
I see us.
We are together.
Even from afar.

I am profoundly happy to live in this era where the internet and social medias have allowed us to find each other, to gather. To see that hey, I am not alone, I am no longer alone.

If you are still in this tearing apart, I want to tell you that we can be ourselves and find a place in this society. It's a journey but we don't walk alone.

Thank you pathfinders who showed that it was possible and even more to those who accompanied me, consciously or unconsciously, to be okay with the fact that I am an extraterrestrial and to dare to share from what I am ❤️

Looking forward to exchanging with every soul, whether from elsewhere or not!
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