Les parts blessées et le retour à la paix ✨

The wounded parts and return to peace ✨

There are things that make you lose your temper? 
Words and comments that touch you deeply? 
Emotional reactions that you can't control? 
Something that makes you jump but your partner couldn't care less? 

The only question to ask is: what is it triggering inside you? 

When we experience a difficult event, a shock, a trauma, an emotional wound, whether serious or light, there is always an impact. In psychology, we talk about dissociation, in shamanism, we talk about soul fragmentation.

Regardless of the words you prefer to use for this phenomenon, when we experience something that we can't handle or digest immediately, a part of us will take on this emotional charge and dissociate.

It's a protective mechanism.

This way, we spare ourselves some of the violence of what is happening, an emotional violence that would overwhelm us.

We can clearly feel this dissociation in the most intense traumas. Suddenly, we feel like we're not there anymore, floating out of our bodies. We see ourselves from the outside. We are disconnected from reality. What we feel is this large part of us dissociating, separating from our body. And it's the same process for less severe emotional shocks.

But then, what happens?
This part of us that has detached is "stuck" with the emotional charge of the event. It now only lives inside of this wound.

We continue to evolve, to mature, we gain in wisdom, in understanding, in how to manage difficult situations, but this part doesn’t experience all of that.

It can go unnoticed in our everyday life, but as soon as we see or hear something that is closely or remotely related to the initial event, this part gets activated, and suddenly we reconnect with its emotional charge.

It's not the current event that triggers a strong emotional reaction in us. No, at that precise moment, we relive the initial trauma. We are the age we were at the time and have the capacity to handle it that we had at the time. That's why childhood and early childhood traumas are the most difficult to bear.

The reflex that greatly hinders us is to blame the outside.
"He did this!"
"She said that to me!"

The only path to peace is to ask ourselves "why AM I reacting like this?".

To meet the wounded part that has been activated, to listen to what it has to tell us, what it experienced, its fears, its pain, to reassure it, to show it that today is different, and ultimately to reintegrate it.

When we reintegrate this part of us, it is no longer stuck in its emotional charge, so we will no longer be activated by its wound. It's quite radical and even surprising. Things that deeply triggered us before no longer make us react.

It's peace found again.
The return to a bit more unity.

That's what I offer, among other things, in my immersions.
We go to meet these wounded parts and gently reintegrate them. The famous soul retrieval.

The strength of these immersions is that the process is done with great support, so it happens gently.

We don't need to reactivate the initial wounds, to recount the events, to relive them, to receive abruptly all the emotional charge, the suffering, the despair, the anger, the sadness, ... that we experienced at the time.

This process can be done gently. Yes, emotions will arise, yes, we might cry. Emotion carries information, it must be felt, it is the bridge that allows us to bring this part back inside us, and that's how we know we're in the right place, that we're connecting with one of our wounded parts.

For me, spirituality is this, it's the path that allows us to find our unity, and inner peace.


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