Nous sommes des êtres multidimensionnels ✨

We are multidimensional beings ✨

And we are in a time where access to the "invisible" realm is becoming increasingly evident. More and more of us are feeling the energies, feeling the support of the "invisible".

I write "invisible" in quotes because when our extrasensory abilities open up, this realm is no longer invisible. We have access to other worlds through our own multidimensionality, our senses, our extrasensory perception. We see. I see.

The evolution of cinema is a witness and a support to this evolution of consciousness. A few decades ago, we saw films where there were good guys and bad guys. Then we started to move away from the duality of good and evil. There are no good guys and bad guys. This duality doesn't exist except if we create it ourselves with a mental construct stemming from wounds and conditioning.

We started to see more and more films and series where the main characters are "villains" that we can no longer consider as villains because we know their story and their reasons for acting. We even get attached to them.

More recently, the number of films and series with themes of the multiverse, time travel, parallel lives, has exploded. We are living in a pivotal time. And more and more of us have access to this other very concrete reality.

These films contain numerous codes to accompany us and help us move away from duality, to open up to another reality, to receive keys to expand consciousness.

There is a wonderful support available to us. I experience it when I channel energies and frequencies that I put into my art. I am undergoing a shift to open up even more to it and to make it even more concrete.

What will be is wonderful.

We struggle a bit to climb the mountain, we need breaks, support, vitamin bars, but the view is worth it and the higher we climb, the more beautiful the view 🥰✨
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