On a le droit de lâcher ✨

We have the right to let go ✨

For sensitive souls, I want to say: 
Sensitive souls, don't hold back! 😁 

[In French there is a saying "sensitive souls, abstain" that is used for violent content or things that could be too much for sensitive people]

We have the right to say no.
Even if we said yes before.

We can explain, but we don't need to justify ourselves while waiting for the other's approval of our no.

We have the right to let go, just let go, lay down our arms, without waiting to burn out or lose it before deciding it's okay to let go.

We have the right to be tired or just not feel like it.

So yes, when we haven't learned, it takes a bit of effort at first, it's not easy, it's not pleasant, especially for lovely sensitive souls. But gradually, with each no uttered, it becomes the norm.

And the unexpected gift?
The joy of saying yes.
Because when we know how to say no, yes becomes a real yes, a big yes, there's no forced yes anymore but yes that vibrates and sparkles! The joy of YES!

We have the right to respect ourselves, plain and simple.

Because I don't want to.

And when we know how to say no, calmly, with gentle firmness, we also know how to receive the no.

The no is no longer an attack, a rejection, an abandonment.
The no is simply what's right for each, and it's welcomed with respect.

I see you. You respect yourself. I respect myself.
It's okay.

All it takes to know how to say no is to allow oneself to say no.
To say no to others, we first have to stop saying no to ourselves ❤️

What no would you like to unleash by allowing yourself to let go of the guilt that might accompany it and which has no reason to be?
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