Pourquoi des soins énergétiques en immersion ? ✨

Why energy healing in immersion? ✨

When doing an energy healing session, it's important to allow for integration time, and things may surface during or in the days following the session. It's important to me that my energy healings are done with an immersion for a few days to provide the best possible support for you.

You'll receive constant energetic support: during the night before the immersion begins, allowing you to be gently prepared, and then continuously, 24/7, to assist you in smoothly processing the healings and giving you support for anything that may arise for you.

This is also why I enjoy sharing messages and practices daily, to offer complementary healings based on what's happening within the group. It allows you to be an active participant rather than just a recipient and to invest in your own journey.

The immersion provides you with the opportunity to redo the guided navigation as many times as you wish, allowing it to work on other layers and provide healing in various areas of your life.

I truly appreciate this format for the global support it provides 🤍

Feel free to reach out if you're curious or have any questions!

The visuals in this post are encoded with the frequencies of space and the wonderful guides who will accompany us during the upcoming immersion: Healing Journey in the Primordial Waters.

See how you feel as you look at them ❤️

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Yes I generate image with AI from what I channel and I encode them with light codes around what I am sharing or talking about. Love that you found them beautiful ♥


It looks like you are using AI to make your images. The eyes in the blue photos look especially AI. Is this correct? Thanks. Beautiful images.


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