Comment j'encode ? Comment j'ai su que je pouvais encoder ?

How do I light encode? How did I know I could light encode?

I have been asked these questions several times and I thought it was time for me to find the words and explain what I do and the process behind my creations 😊 

So here we go !

As an introduction, if you feel like exploring, I've written a post about how I went from totally closed to all of that to opened to the energetic and multidimensionnal world: From closed minded to spirituality

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✨ How did I know I could light encode?

I started following light codes artist in the beginning of 2023 on social medias and it resonated so strongly with my heart. I felt a big "I want to do that too!" that came from my deep inside of me, and I turned it into "I wish I could that too" because it was unimaginable that I could be able to do that.

My energetic abilities had slowly developped the previous years, I knew I could do healings with my hands even though I didn't feel called to do it. It however felt impossible for me to do light codes art, so I watched other do it, with a certain frustration burried deep.

In June, I had the idea to create designs and sell them printed on poster, canvas, mug, and so on, but it felt incomplete, it wasn't glowing, something was missing, I wanted my creations to have a purpose, to be useful for people. Then it clicked, what was missing is this dream I had to be able to light encode my creations to support people who would buy them.

This is when, thanks to the push of a wonderful beautiful soul, I tried to light encode a design I had created. And surprise, I could feel the vibration each time I would look at the design. Waah! So it was possible! I had opened a door and a beautiful journey began there 🤗

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✨ How do I light encode?

✨ The light codes canvasses

For the light encoded canvasses, when I feel called to create a new one, there is often a design that I particularly feel attracted to use. I go into a meditative state and I have the intention to channel frequencies needed for the collective. My hands "activate", my palms get warm and tingling, like for a healing session. I channel the energy with the intention of encoding it into the design and I let the process occur for however long is needed. I then connect to the vibration of the design and write what I feel regarding the encoded energy, these are the texts I put in the description.

When someone order a canvas, I proceed to a custom light encoding for this person. Meaning in addition to the initial encoding, I connect to the person and I channel the frequencies and energies specifically needed for them.

During this process, I can perceive feelings and images, being messages or behind the scenes of the encoding. I might write about it in a next post when I will feel ready to share about that 😊 because I'm not encoding alone, I have allies and people have their own guides and allies. I share everything that come up to the person. I learnt to trust myself because sometimes I perceive things that I find surprising but everything has a reason and it's a joy to receive messages saying "it's so funny you should mention that because..."!

✨ Glyphs of Ava'ya

For the glyphs of Ava'ya, the process is different. I channel frequencies and I intuitively draw patterns and glyphs on a design, the encoding is made while I draw. We called these glyphs light language. I'm completely guided on the choice of the design, the colors, the forms, the glyphs, everything is channeled.

✨ To come...

I am opening up a new type of creation that I will very soon share about. As a little teaser, these creations will be called "Revelation and reconnexion to your sacred-self", see you in the next post! 😁

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It's the first time I do something that makes me feel glowing and that brings joy to my soul. I feel like I'm finally myself, in what I do and what I am.

It took me a lonnng time to be able to share my creations and talk about what I do.

So here I am, the real me ✨

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J’ai connu Maude sur etsy, une belle synchronicité qui a fait naître deux merveilleuses toiles. Sa créativité est bluffante de part les détails et sa clarté. On était vraiment sur la même longueur d’onde. Quand j’ai reçu en photo mes toiles terminées, c’était une évidence que ce soit la forme, les couleurs… Ces toiles répondaient à l’appel de mon coeur. Tout était parfaitement fluide du projet à la livraison, Maude a une très belle écoute et est très méticuleuse. Tout ce que j’aime. Bises du cœur. 🌟🤍🌟🤍 Stéphanie


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