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Light codes art

Welcome to my light codes art world!

~ The light codes canvasses, custom light encoded for you
~ The glyphs of Ava'ya with channeled high frequencies and light language
~The custom channeled and encoded creation


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Custom light codes canvasses

Each creation is encoded with energies that I channel for the collective. If you feel called by a design, it means that you are resonating with this energy, follow your inner guidance! When you make a purchase, I custom light encode the canvas for you. This means that in addition to the initial design encoding, I connect with you and I channel the energies and frequencies you specifically need. I do that in cocreation with my allies in multidimension and your guides. The encoding is made on several "layers" and you will connect with different frequencies, vibrations and codes with time and depending on your journey. It's not just wall art that you give yourself, it's a daily vibrational support that will last and evolve with you.

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Light glyphs of Ava'ya

I create light encoded designs with channeled high frequencies that I transliterate with these beautiful glyphs of light, called light language. My creations have a lot of light codes that will support you in your journey and expansion, depending on where you are and what you need.

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Custom channeled and light encoded creation

I create an image by channeling what manifests for you, whether it be one of your past lives, form in another dimension, one of your guides, or any being that is best for you to connect with, here and now. The image will be encoded with the essence of this emanation and will contain activation keys so that you may connect with it and its energy. This creation is a true gateway between you and the emanation that will manifest, allowing you to connect with your strengths, gifts, and medicines. If you feel the call for this creation, it means that it is time for you to let go of what no longer resonates and to reveal and embody new facets of your being.

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Any question? Happy to talk!