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Lotus - Light codes art

Lotus - Light codes art

The lotus take roots in the depths of the water, in the sludge. In this dark and muddy environment, it finds the minerals that will feed it and allow it to grow strong towards the light, until it blooms on the surface of the water. It's a symbol of transmutation and resilience. To draw strenght and wisdom from the tough times and turn them into something positive and bright, taking inspiration from the art and beauty of the lotus.
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Each creation is encoded with energies that I channel for the collective. If you feel called by a design, it means that you are resonating with this energy, follow your inner guidance!

When you make a purchase, I custom light encode the canvas for you. This means that in addition to the initial design encoding, I connect with you and I channel the energies and frequencies you specifically need. I do that in cocreation with my allies in multidimension and your guides.

The encoding is made on several "layers" and you will connect with different frequencies, vibrations and codes with time and depending on your journey. It's not just wall art that you give yourself, it's a daily vibrational support that will last and evolve with you.

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Canvas: Print on high quality canvas with back hanging. Rubber dots on the bottom to ensure the canvas stays in place when hung. Materials: cotton and polyester composite (canvas), pine wood (frame 0.75") from FSC certified renewable forests.

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