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Immersion ~ Oceanic vibrational cocoon [REPLAY]

Immersion ~ Oceanic vibrational cocoon [REPLAY]

[The guided navigation is recorded in French with English subtitles and I will send a transcription in English for English speakers]

I invite you to experience an immersion in the beautiful crystalline city of Aurora. The teams and allied spirits present there will customarily work with each of you during 3 days on the following themes and other spheres related to them.

See "how does it work?" below for more info.

There will be a multidimensional guided navigation in an oceanic vibrational cocoon, supported by the medicine of water, whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and more...

  • Decrystallization of blocked emotions in the body
  • Calming the mind, nervous system, and agitation of thoughts
  • Assisting suffering parts in finding peace
  • Strengthening self-confidence and inner security
  • Ability to remain centered despite the turbulence of the external world
  • Connection to frequencies of joy

Watch the video next to the presentation image to feel the frequencies of this space!

Where does it take place?
On Facebook! I will send you the link to a private Facebook group via email the day before the immersion, and all the content will be available in this group.

New edition: April 27th to 29th, 2024

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions ❤️🌊

Explore the Reviews page to see the reviews of the people who did the first edition of this beautiful immersion!


This immersion is available on Replay:

I will create a space for you at the dates of your choosing, with the same duration as the initial immersion, here 3 days, and I will give you access to guided navigation. You will be able to redo it as many times as you wish, and the teams will be with you 24/7 during these 3 days. I will not be present as for a live immersion with messages and practices every day, but I will be available if needed and for exchanges.

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How does it work?

The immersions I offer are high-frequency vibrational spaces that last several days and where you will receive customized multidimensional healings specific to each immersion.

Teams of light and allied spirits from wonderful high-frequency crystalline cities will work with you during a guided multidimensional navigation that I will lead and that you can redo as many times as you wish to deepen it.

They will also be present around you 24/7 throughout the immersion to support you and help you process the navigation.

I will share content during the immersion, depending on what shows up for the group, it can be messages or practices offered by spirit allies for further healings.

These immersions are vibrational cocoons that work deeply on specific directions.

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